Automatic pellet burners and boilers
for wood pellets and agri pellets

Pellet augers

Pellet augers

MultiBio pellets augers are equipped with central shaft and thick walled auger, which transports easily wood pellets, agricultural plant pellets, pellet with high small particles, grain, tailings, and small fraction of coal.Pellet conveyor

Pellets and low quality pellets auger

Auger transport pellets with small particles (dust in pellets) which means that all fuel will be transported to the burner. MultiBio burners works for pellets with high portion of small particles very well.

Pellet augers sizes

MultiBio augers are made in sizes: 1,7 meters, 2,5 meters, 3 meters, 4 meters. We produce also custom made augers with lengths in range from 0,5 up to 8 meters.

Outer diameter of auger is 80 mm. Thickness of auger is from 3 to 5 mm.

Augers are suitable for MultiBio boilers 30, 49, 200.

For woodchips and coal we produces augerwith bigger outer diameter.

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Hot Air Source for Biomass Grain Dryer

Save money of fuel cost with Biomass Burner for Grain Dryer. Saves up to 80% of cost in compare with diesel or gas burners.

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