Automatic pellet burners and boilers
for wood pellets and agri pellets

Pellet Boiler MultiBio 30 in Slovakia

Pellet Boiler MultiBio 30 in Slovakia

  • House size:  300 m(two storey house)

  • Former Heating: Unreliable boiler for sawdust and woodchip - changed by the customer to boiler MultiBio 30 ES with automatic ash removal and high efficiency. Time to warm the house has been cut down from 6 hours to 1,5 hour.

  • Operation of boiler: Against former solution boiler room operation has got very easy. Former boiler has issues with fuel conveyors and had to be ignited manually. Current pellet boiler MultiBio 30 ES starts and clean itself automatically by heating request of the house. Boiler is equipped with big hopper and with wood pellets as a fuel requires very few visit to boiler room.

Customer uses low grade wood pellet, which has higher ash volume. Burner due to its rotation burning chamber works continously and fluently removes ash to the ash box.

As can be seen in this picture burner handles wood pellets with clinkers.

Pellets were probably made of material with bark or sand.







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