Automatic pellet burners and boilers
for wood pellets and agri pellets

Pellet Boiler MultiBio 199 in Slovakia

Multibio 199 Biomass boiler which has gained EN clean air certification for fuel made from both wood and agricultural waste products.  

Boiler runs on pellet made from grain straw and sunflower. This has a power output of 180kw.

Boiler is equipped with programmable touch screen and PLC unit.

The control unit interface manages all the boiler’s processes including:

  • short loop pump valve operation
  • buffer tank charging
  • controlling the heat divider
  • ash conveyor
  • tabulator cleaning

The Multibio 199 has a high spec interface which enables access and software updates over the internet using either a fixed line or mobile connection.

Multi-Fuel pellet boiler MultiBio 199

Pellet Boiler with Conveyor

General view of pellet boiler MultiBio 199

Back Side of building heated with multi fuel pellet boiler

Administrative building heated by multi-fuel pellet boiler

MultiBio Pellet Boiler 199

Detail of ash box with temperature control

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