Automatic pellet burners and boilers
for wood pellets and agri pellets

Wood Pellet Boiler 49kW

Advantages of Wood Pellet boiler

Ekoefekt PETROJET 49

  • MultiBio Wood Pellet burns sintering biomass material
  • Extremely low cost of heating buildings
  • Automatic heating, environmentally friendly operation

Boiler parameters, fuel

  • Adjustable output from 15 to 49 kW
  • Efficiency of burner combustion up to 96%, boiler efficiency 91%
  • Fuels: Biomass pellets, wood pellets, paper pellets, elephant grass pellets
  • Tolerable fuel: Mustard, canola, sunflower, waste after cleaning cereals, oats, peat pellets and other agricultural materials

Use of Wood Pellet Boiler

Wood Pellet boiler is suitable for comfortable automatic and eco-efficient heating of apartment houses, boarding houses, farms, workshops and places where the heating costs amount to hundreds of thousands of crowns. It can reliably heat a house with fifteen apartments. In conjunction with the storage tank, boilers are able to prepare hot sanitary water all the year round. Boilers may be connected to form a cascade with an output from 100 to 400 kW.

Low operating costs of heating - CZK 216 per GJ

Wood Pellet Boiler reduce your heating costs. With high efficiency burn of plant fuel.

MultiBio Wood Pellet Boiler will significantly reduce your heating costs. It burns cheap biomass fuel with high efficiency. You can save up to two thirds of the costs you pay for another automatic heating system. Biomass pellets are pressed from the annual harvest waste, are readily available and usually at half the price than wood pellets. We will be happy to recommend fuel suppliers from our database of manufacturers of pellets.

Further savings can be achieved by burning non-pelleted biomass fuels (wastes from cleaning poppy, canola, mustard, etc.). Before using these fuels, we recommend consultation or examination in our laboratory. We have tested over 80 types of fuels from our customers. The cost of operating the system is lowest when farmers burn their own fuel.

MultiBio burner is fundamentally different from other pellet boilers

Ekoefekt PETROJET 49With its unique design, the MultiBio burner is fundamentally different from other burners available on the market. MultiBio is designed to easily burn wood pellets, sintering biomass pellets and other agricultural material. Due to its unique design, the MultiBio burner burns biomass materials. Biomass fuel cannot be reliably and ecologically burnt in burners with a simple or retort design. MultiBio offers the use of the widest range of both pelleted and loose biomass fuels on the market.

The boiler operates automatically

Boilers with MultiBIo burners operate automatically over the entire range of performances - including rapid auto ignition (2 to 5 minutes). The device is triggered by indoor, weather compensation or other conventional thermostat. The operator only adds fuel and removes ash.

Wood Pellet boiler service life

MultiBIo has precisely controlled dose of air and fuel, with a working temperature inside the burner up to 1,200 °C. This high temperature of combustion ensures low emissions without scents and aggressive compounds. MultiBio does not use any problematic standby mode in which fuel still smoulders. For this reason, the boiler does not suffer from self-destruction and does not bother the surrounding with chimney smell. The boiler operates at the highest green emission grade with near zero emissions of carbon monoxide.

Sintering of ash from biomass fuel

Boilers with MultiBio burners can easily handle sintering of ash. Thanks to its design, the rotary cylindrical combustion chamber rolls sinter cakes into the ashtray during combustion thus not bothering the operator of the boiler. Biomass sintering material cannot be easily burnt in burners with a simple or retort design.

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