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Testing of PETROJET boiler with agricultural pellets

03.05.2013 09:57

The PETROJET Biorobot burner that was tested in this report was used in combination with a 30 kW boiler made by Slokov. As fuel, we used nine different recipes of pelletized agrofuel, plus a reference fuel in the form of wood pellets. Tests were carried out in ÄFAB's lab in Lidköping in January-April 2012.

The burner responds quickly and is very stable on the made adjustments. The burner control system is admirably easy to manage, and by allowing it to control several parameters simultaneously it is possible to adjust for optimum combustion of very different fuels. The function of cleaning the combustion chamber at shut down works great, and the firebox was completely clean after each firing-cycle - even if the ash sintered and formed clinkers. The results consistently show a very stable performance regardless of fuel, both in terms of emissions and efficiencies. According to EN 303-5, the burner (by a very wide margin) meets the emissions requirements with regards to both OGC and CO. It is noteworthy that the emissions of CO in our test also pass the German BAFA requirements – considered by many to be the toughest in the world. Concerning reliability and efficiency – the PETROJET Biorobot exhibits almost unique results. Although we have not conducted significant long-term testing (e.g., over several weeks), we used the burner to heat our facilities from January to April. During this period the burner reliably used all of the different agro-fuels we used for testing.

In practice, this meant that the burner was allowed to go for up to three days without any supervision or adjustment. In no case did we notice any disruption or problems with the combustion or with the burner. All the performance has remained stable with low emissions. In fact, the PETROJET Biorobot is the first burner we have tested under partial load conditions that was capable of firing agro pellets continuously without encountering problems.

Boiler efficiency rated at nominal load to (80 - 90%) and in part load (77 - 88%) can be described as very good. Nonetheless, if the system were combined with a solution that includes a properly-sized accumulator tank, and improved insulation of the boiler hatches and water-jacketed surfaces, effi-ciency could probably be increased even a few percentage points higher. The boiler should, at least when using agrofuels with high ash-content, be equipped with automatic ash removal to provide user acceptable ease of use.

The unit shows that it is indeed possible to construct a technology that can handle difficult agrofuels also in a power range suitable for farming and small properties. This creates a new marketing opportunity, and the potential to utilize locally produced residues coming from agricultural land. Our conclusion after testing the technique is that the PEROJET Biorobot 30 is an excellent way to burn all types of pelletized fuels. Of course, it works just fine on wood pellets. But the burner has the unique ability to fire difficult fuels with extremely good result.

Report from ÄFAB testing in Sweden - English language

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